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Secure Care 4″ Crossover Flexible Security Toothbrush
(144 Individually Wrapped)



Security toothbrushes have come a long way since the invention of the first anti-shank toothbrush some twenty years ago. Today you can find an endless supply of cheaply made, so-called “Security toothbrush”. These brushes are made of hard plastic and sub-par bristles and can still be scraped against concrete floors to create sharp edges which then also be used as weapons.

The Secure Care 4″ Crossover Flexible Security Toothbrush was made specifically for use in the correctional environment.  This brush features a two component design and offers a compact head (36 tufts).

This innovative brush is made with pliable plastic and flexible rubber in the handle (offering two different melting points) making it difficult to burn down and/or scrape into a shank. High quality end rounded, polished nylon bristles, provide the best long term value in a prison inmate toothbrush.

In recent years, lack of proper oral care has become a growing problem within corrections:  There have been countless lawsuits popping up all over the country. Our goal at Security Dental Products is to provide preventative yet safe hygiene products that will end up saving your facility money down the road.

At Security Dental Products, we put officer and staff safety ahead of all concerns.  We also believe that providing a preventative inmate oral care regimen will create a more harmonious atmosphere in correctional institutions.  Secure Care Crossover Toothbrushes are designed to maximize the benefits of the oral hygiene treatment.  Used with Secure Care Clear Fluoride Tooth Gel and Secure Care Dental U-Floss, our Secure Oral Care system will optimize inmate health without compromising officer safety.